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Interactive Checklist for Students - Web2.0 tool?

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Interactive Checklist for Students - Web2.0 tool?


I am wondering does anyone know of/or have used a interactive checkilist - not the plugin as I have tried it and I don't think its what I am after. I want the students to use the checklist as self reflection on areas they are not clear about, this helps with their assignment and helps them see what areas they should cover. I wanted to list areas I think are important to the assignment and then get them to check off on the list if its clear or unclear to them - then the checklist should then show them where they are with their knowledge - is there a way to do this with the activities we have or do you know of a nifty tool online that i can embed?

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Re: Interactive Checklist for Students - Web2.0 tool?
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I ask this without knowing exactly how to make it happen - Would it be possible to make the Lesson activity do what you want? With enough pages and carefully thought-out paths, you might be able to have students end up on a page that has appropriate feedback/status information based on items they did or didn't "check off" - the items to be checked off being the buttons (content 1,2,3, etc) on content pages.

Post back if you come up with something!


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