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Wondering if someone smarter then me can help me out and point me in the right direction. 

Following on from the conversation I am having with myself on the above. 

( I can't be the only moodle course designer for mobile app users that is facing this problem..can I?)

So far I am feely happy with the codes I have found that work to give me the look and sizing of the materials we are creating. 

But I would still love to crack out the "why & how" of the standard Moodle video placement codes in that, I want to play around with them on the H5P content. At the moment it is a bit of a deal breaker for me and why I am not leaning towards more H5P content creation but more of the google drive type. 

I have tried using the Chrome inspector to find any tidbits that may be of use, but my knowledge level is not great enough to see anything of use. 

To put it into pictures.. 

Portrait - Bad, 

seems at the moment I am not able to create a bigger container that is viewed within the android app then what is showing here. 

Portrait - Good

Using Atto internal Moodle codes. 

landscape - Standard codes

Same as above with container not being allowed to expand.


landscape - Moodle codes - Good (but while centred on the page in desktop not centring within the Mobile app)

Code from inspector I am looking at. 

At this stage, as mentioned nothing is popping out at me, but high chance as it is the lack my CSS and or HTML experience. 

Anyone got an idea and or have samples of better workings. 

Noting that this is for H5P content as for video and PPT's the codes in the previous posts are working a treat.

I will post to the H5P threads as well and report back any findings over coming weeks. 

Once this is settled then we have the holy grail for course designers. smile

I would still like to put forward the ability to have that bottom\top menu bar disappearing on content. i.e a sliding draw effect. Yes

As between the top one and bottom one, there is too much screen real-estate being lost. 

Is this something that can be voted on and or put out to the community to work on.. i.e a go fund page.?

I would be happy to put a few $$$ towards it, as while I know there are custom apps being made that may have this ability already. 

It would be nice to have it out there for the smaller creators to use for their students.. 

Also of note, I do understand the work here thus the idea of a funded page for someone to benefit from. 

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