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Grading "Real World" assignments

Troy Patterson
Re: Grading "Real World" assignments

Ah, another like soul. We have basically solved this issue the same way. Chris Kenniburg has been able to adjust the printing for me so that it comes out fairly OK (we don't have the items in the red box at the top or bottom). This may be because we are using the Fordson theme. However, the printing is still not perfect (we need to right click and pick "Print"). If there were a dedicated "print" function, more control would be achieved. For example, if the teacher enters comments at the end of the rubric line, those have to be expanded just prior to printing so that they aren't truncated.

I would also like the student to acknowledge the feedback. Preferably, the student could respond with thoughts on improvement, actions that they will take, etc. I would also like an "acknowledgement" button (just like the button that says that they have followed policies and not cheated when turning in an assignment). 

Here are my Submission settings:

Submission settings 

This would probably need to be another Activity Type. However, with the growth of blended learning, I truly believe that MANY, MANY teachers would find this extremely useful. 

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