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Student and Teacher Training courses

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Student and Teacher Training courses

Greetings all.  I am looking for course shells that someone is willing to share (or sell) to my organization to help us teach faculty and students in Moodle course navigation, activities, and resources.  We are not looking for a subscription; rather, a shell that we can obtain to edit further for our specific school.

We are also looking for a way to verify that faculty and students have completed the shell.

Can someone help by providing me with some direction on acquiring such a shell?

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Mary Cooch
Re: Student and Teacher Training courses
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Hello. I just tweaked the title of your post as not everyone understands the term "shell" (myself included, until recently) I think you mean courses or maybe empty or customisable courses.

One problem with student training courses is that your site might be a theme specific to your organisation and so any navigation/student training materials made elsewhere might not be applicable. However, let's see what our community comes up with.

As for teacher training courses, if you mean training teachers how to use Moodle there are the Moodle HQ Learn Moodle videos. 30 + on basic teacher needs. The  but there are other playlists for earlier versions of Moodle on the Moodle HQ YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/user/moodlehq/

I think in terms of verifying faculty and students have completed the courses, you can simply use Activity completion and maybe even award a badge or certificate once they have done all the activities?

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Re: Student and Teacher Training courses

Hi Mary, 

I was looking forward to your reply and thank you so much for your positive response and the details on Moodle HQ Learn videos.  I will certainly be looking at them right after this message.

To help clarify, our organization is looking for two (pre) configured courses.  (1) teacher and (1) student course.  We are looking to make them comprehensive and interactive, with respect to:

  • Topics
  • Activities and Resources
  • Gradebook
  • Blocks
  • Course Editing (Teachers)

Optionally we are wondering if a course completion can trigger a notification (or email) to let us know the user has finished the training.

Thanks again!

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Re: Student and Teacher Training courses

Hi David,

It is a good question but there could be so many variables....one being the Moodle version. You could pay someone to build it with Logos  and specific format or DIY

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