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Analytics Interface References?

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Analytics Interface References?

Hi everyone,

I have been curious about the possible visual interface or GUI for Learning Analytics in Moodle. It has led me to make a (very incomplete) "state of the art" about data visualization.

I am a relatively frequent user of Google Analytics, and while the versatiliy is impressive, time and again I find it clunky and unintuitive. I find myself poking around, often randomly, before I find the visualization I'm looking for (if it's available at all).

So other than that, the following is a "first-look" list of alternatives. I intend to dive deep into the most interesting ones that let me access for free. I tried to keep them specific to data visualization, but I found quite an overlap with BI (Business Intelligence) products. I guess the problem of analytics originally for business purposes being tricky to translate to learning still applies in GUIs.

I also don't know if there are "wireframing" tools specifically for data visualization interfaces. Maybe a future task.

For now, here's my list:

I also have to say that it is interesting how few of these alternatives are open source. FOSS is often superior to commercial products, but it seems that GUI is the constant exception.

Best regards,

Cristian T. Duque

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Re: Analytics Interface References?

I don't know of a wireframe tool specific to visualizations, but when I am experimenting, I usually turn to R, which has an incredibly wide range of visualization libraries, and is open source. smile

Also see:

I tend to think of visualization tools as complementary to predictive analytics. They help in situations where there is not yet enough understanding to build a predictive model, and rely on human interpretation to notice "unusual" data elements. But they can also be used to provide context to a prediction or a detection process.

R and Shiny depend on Python, which is one reason they haven't been considered for integration with Moodle core-- we don't like to add dependencies to Core features. I wonder if a Shiny visualization plugin for Moodle would be of interest?