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How to delete the queue of outgoing (notification) mails

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Re: How to delete the queue of outgoing (notification) mails
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What logging moodle does can be found in 'reports' which is queying mdl_logstore_standard_log table.

Go look at that.   Think that's the only logs you got in the moodle interface that's related to forum postings/mail ... but no mailque.  There are 9 tables for forums.  If one did explain on all 9 of them, one at a time, one might see a column sorta related to what you are asking, I think.

"but I don't want to have a look at logs" ... Errr, uhhh ... sorry, but once moodle packages up whatever it's supposed to send, a cron job/task will attempt to send as many and as soon as it can - that's handed over to the mail server and it's que.

Other wise, 'bounces' (postmaster notifications which are in RFC guidelines for administering a mail server) don't come back to Moodle code they go back to the sending ***mail server*** ... and, I for one, would NOT want Moodle to attempt to handle that!

Do you have any tool to browse Moodle tables?  

'spirit of  sharing', Ken

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