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Hi ALbert,

is there a way of excluding /moodledata/cache, /moodledata/localcache, /moodledata/sessions, /moodledata/temp, or /moodledata/trashdir

you may not exclude moodledata/trashdir since, by Moodle File API design, you have 4 days to automatically recycle it back into the Moodle storage: having configured cron will take care of that folder within that time range and ideally that folder will be "almost empty" on average week by week.


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Re: Backup policy

Ok, I have a little more information now, we are using enterprise MySQL which includes Enterprise backup which is incredibly quick. I mean hours to minutes over MySQLdump

We can exclude anything from the backup, so I think I need a reliable list of directories that we can exclude to get the size down. We are at 7TB at the moment and I am trying to talk the education team out of automatic courses backups. We keep 7 and they really should be turned off as I have pointed out they are not and shouldnt be part of an emergency backup policy, only full site backups should be for that

So what can I exclude?


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