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"Invalid response value detected"

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Re: "Invalid response value detected"
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Hi Peter,

if you set the debug level to "Developer" the WS response should give you a better error message, telling you exactly which field is failing. Can you copy it here?

IMO the error "Missing parameter (token)" pasted above shouldn't be related to this.



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Re: "Invalid response value detected"

Hi Dani,

Have the same problem and this is the response in full debug. FYI, the data in message already encoded into json.

stdClass Object
    [exception] => invalid_response_exception
    [errorcode] => invalidresponse
    [message] => Invalid response value detected
    [debuginfo] => message => Invalid response value detected: Invalid external api response: the value is "{"status":"1","result":{"id":"1","category":"0","sortorder":"1","fullname":"RCYCI E-Learning","shortname":"RCYCI E-Learning","idnumber":"","summary":"<p>E-Learning in RCYCI<br><\/p>","summaryformat":"0","format":"site","showgrades":"1","newsitems":"10","startdate":"0","marker":"0","maxbytes":"0","legacyfiles":"0","showreports":"0","visible":"1","visibleold":"1","groupmode":"0","groupmodeforce":"0","defaultgroupingid":"0","lang":"","calendartype":"","theme":"","timecreated":"1424755022","timemodified":"1480511045","requested":"0","enablecompletion":"0","completionnotify":"0","cacherev":"1539779835"}}", the server was expecting "text" type

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Re: "Invalid response value detected"


Apparently I found that one of my field has HTML code and my return type has been set as PARAM_TEXT.

In this thread (, Davo Smith recommended to use PARAM_TEXT for JSON type.


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