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Mobile App for Teachers


We are upgrading to Moodle 3.4 in a few weeks here at my institution and I am in charge of training the faculty and getting them comfortable with the new version.

We will be stressing the changes to the Moodle mobile app since it is more user friendly than in the past. I've been trying to research the features to put together a workshop and some materials, but have a few questions as I read more about it.

Is the Moodle app meant to be more of a supplement to the main Moodle site? I was trying to see if a faculty member could use the app to create their course from the start, like add files, create activities, etc, but so far what I'm seeing is that they mainly create the content on a desktop and then can upkeep a lot of what they create on there on the Moodle app. Can anyone confirm that this is accurate? I just want to make sure I'm going down the right avenues in terms of creating instructional content before I start.

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Christina,

That has been my experience. It is more for our learners to be able to have access when offline. As a teacher, I really like the notifications from the app as it lets me know when I need to grade items.

Happy Moodling!

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