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Responding to questions from #MootES18

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Responding to questions from #MootES18

Post-its from MoodleNet session at #MootES18

Given that we’re still rethinking community calls, we thought that a post on the MoodleNet blog could serve to answer some of the questions from #MootES18 last week. In addition, we'd love to answer questions about the project from anyone who wasn't there.

>>> Click here for the post <<<  

Feel free to respond in the comments section of the post (which also include the slide deck we used) or here on the forum.

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Re: Responding to questions from #MootES18

One of the very useful things about Moodle has been its simple but elegant distinction between activities and resources. Activities are where the student does something and a record of that student activity is created and archived. A resource is merely a presentation of some type of media or document. The following statement seems to overlook that distinction because a Moodle quiz is a learning activity and not a resource.

"We are, however, planning to create a repository for Moodle-specific resources such as quizzes."

I understand that the goal of MoodleNet is to include non-Moodle-specific resources, but I hope it doesn't blur the very useful distinction that exists in Moodle between resources and activities. The real power of Moodle is the ability to manage student created artifacts in so many different ways. Its what makes Moodle so student-centered compared to some platforms that just present various content to students.

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Re: Responding to questions from #MootES18

Thanks for the feedback, Dan. MoodleNet will be content-agnostic, so I've updated the blog post to read: 

"We are, however, planning to create a repository for Moodle-specific resources and activities such as quizzes."

Hope that clarifies things smile

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Re: Responding to questions from #MootES18

Hi Doug

For reminder, I've put a comment into first google doc draft (but I can't find it anymore) about a french initiative for a national questions bank :

It's a free bank and a user can backup the activity in his own moodle. It's with CC licences and authors are paid for contribution.

If you want some screenshots, I can do it.

And there is also some other resources like courses...

Hope this project can inspire wink