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Moodle mobile 3.5 characters in header

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Moodle mobile 3.5 characters in header

In the latest moodle app 3.5 , page headers with Indian languages like Hindi or Tamil are showing characters instead of the language alphabets.

In the previous versions 3.3 & 3.4, the moodle mobile app showed page headers correctly.

I have changed multilanguage the Filter setting to Content & Headers - yet, the header shows correct alphabets for a few seconds, but after i enter the page, the header changes to characters.

What shall i do to get Hindi/ tamil text in the header?

Does moodle 3.5 support Indian languages? 

If not, can i add indian languages in the custom app's config file?

Also, is phonegapbuild building the app now?

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Re: Moodle mobile 3.5 characters in header
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we tested this and we see correctly Hindi characters in iOS but not in Android, I just opened this issue

Regarding PhonegapBuild, we use it for building the app without problems

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