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Can’t Download for Offline Viewing

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Can’t Download for Offline Viewing

So I have the Moodle mobile app on my iPhones and iPad. It is logged into my class and I select the download for offline viewing option. I get the “Are you sure?” And select yes. The circle spins and nothing gets downloaded for offline viewing except like the word / pdf document. This is NOT all the content as there are videos and audio that go along with it. I talked to the tech support at the company who’s trading it is (cwnp wireless certifications) and they said it is not their issue as it works on Android. Anyone want to help?

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Re: Can’t Download for Offline Viewing
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Hi Bryan,

sorry for the delay in answering, it's been some crazy months lately.

How are you adding those audios and videos?

If they're embedded in a section description or a label then they won't be downloaded, that's something we need to improve. I opened an issue to improve that:



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