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Operating our own AirNotifier

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Operating our own AirNotifier


we will be releasing our own version of the Mobile app of Moodle in the next few days. We also got our own AirNotifier in place. We are wondering what people do to operate AirNotifier (it's our first MongoDB production application). I'm looking for information on a few points :

  • What kind of backup do you use on MongoDB ? I know there is some dump feature (like MySQL). On our side we also got backup on the Linux server. Because MongoDB use file maybe the Linux backup is enough ?
  • Which interface do you use to manage MongoDB ? Only commande line or a GUI ?
  • How are you doing the monitoring ? I found some Munin script that may work.
  • What type of cleaning do you do on the database itself ? In the interface of AirNotifier there is a button to delete log older than 30 days. Is there a way to put that in a cron ?

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