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Are you asking how to edit a wiki in general or how I plan to do editing in class?

If you are new to Wiki then there is a good video in MoodleDocs.  The easiest way to get started if to go directly to  Play the video a few times then we can help you understand it. 

If you are asking me what I plan to do, well, that has not been established yet.  For this first round, I am going to open it up to all students and see what happens.  I will get more into it in a few days or a week or so.  I can let you know when I figure it out. ( :

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Re: Wiki Wondering....
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No. I am asking, in your opinion, how a good tool, wiki or any other thing, looks like.

Anyway, this discussion is stale. There is another "Wiki Wondering" in the General help forum:
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