Database search field does not work consistently

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Database search field does not work consistently

Hi everyone, I've been playing around with the database but I've been having problems with the search functionality. There are cases where it doesn't seem to work properly. For example, in the screenshot below, I am searching for the term "CAH" which appears in the title and description of my entry.

However, when I click on search it comes out with "No records found"

But then, if I use Advanced search instead, it displays correctly.

Help? Am I doing something wrong, or is there a setting I should change? We are running Moodle 3.3

Unfortunately, I cannot provide a link to our database as it's still under construction, but I found the same thing happening here:

Search for "Dynamics" -- "European LMS Market Dynamics Fall 2016 Report" is not appearing if you use the regular search field. However, using the Advanced search options works.

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Re: Database search field does not work consistently
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Hi Mela,

You are right, the Fuzzy bar search ONLY works when you use the default search field, which is under Other > Time added.

If you use one of your own fields, then, the users have to select THAT field correctly  in the "Sort by' drop-down menu, it is not user-friendly and Moodle should fix it, you can report this to Tracker.

A workaround:

You can leave the default 'Time added' as it is, and encourage your users to use the Advance search tab, if they know which filed they are looking for.

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Re: Database search field does not work consistently

Ohhh that's a shame!

Can confirm, I set the default sort to "Time added" and it works as expected now.

Will just hide the sorting options using CSS so users don't accidentally change it.

I've never used Tracker before, will add when I get my head around it!

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