Integration, exposed

Integration round 2018-06-21 - Stonehenge solstice rituals

One poor developer...
Integration round 2018-06-21 - Stonehenge solstice rituals
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Cold numbers:

30 issues have been successfully integrated with 5 rejected and 1 delayed. That's 86% success, good one.


  • 72 issues awaiting peer-review, lately we haven't been able to cope with all the awesome proposals arriving. Aiming to improve there, thanks for your patience and help!
  • Just 3 days for Moodle DevJam @ Barcelona and 5 days for #MootES18 to kick off (27th of June). Getting close!
  • Don't forget the incoming Developer meeting happening the 5th of July. Community contributions and topic proposals are welcome!

Hot topics:

  • MDL-62709 : Messaging migration problems fixed.
  • MDL-62658 : Notifications are now properly marked read.
  • MDL-62614 : Privacy tags provider deletion fixed.
  • MDL-62705 : Better support for order criteria in global search.
  • MDL-57404 : Support # comments when configuring the IP blocker.
  • And lots more in areas like privacy, themes, admin, installation...

Warm thanks:

To Adrian Greeve, analyst developer at Moodle HQ. Non stop peer reviewer, plugins guardian, gamification master... Many, many thanks for all the hard and fun work over the years. It's really easy and a pleasure to work with you!

And so with the sunshine

and the great bursts of leaves

growing on the trees,

just as things grow in fast movies,

I had that familiar conviction that life

was beginning over again with the summer.

-- F. Scott Fitzgerald

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