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3 Critical issues with SCORM courses on mobile.

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3 Critical issues with SCORM courses on mobile.


I am having problems with my SCORM courses while running on mobile.

Two issues are related to dedicated Moodle app and one for the browser.

1) I have text box objects where a student is supposed to type text.

On iOS, this text box is active and touch keyboard is shown, but typing doesn't add text.

I have to click outside the text box for the keyboard to be hidden and then click on the text box to activate keyboard again. Only after doing that I can type.

On Android keyboard is active and I can type from the beginning, but sometimes if I accidentally tap outside of text box, the keyboard will be hidden and SCORM becomes unresponsive. I have to press back button, but it resets the course. This doesn't happen all the time

2) SCORM progress is not saved on Android.

I am using local storage to save progress. For example:

localStorage.Level1Progress = parseInt(Level1Progress, 10);

But this doesn't persist after I press "Back" inside the app and re-enter SCORM package.

3) Inside browser when I pan around, view tends to jump back to default position every time I am trying to pan away. It is a bit hard to explain, but when I pan, the view doesn't stay where I left off.

I think these are critical issues and wonder if Moodle mobile team is aware of them.

I have created SCORM in Adobe Captivate and I have been testing this exact SCORM package in another LMS mobile app and everything was working fine.

if you decide to check the issues I am having on your device, please use this address inside your Moodle app:

The course is free for self-enrollment.

I can also record a video next time if my explanation is confusing.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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Re: 3 Critical issues with SCORM courses on mobile.
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sorry for the delay in answering, it's been some crazy months lately.

A month ago we updated the mobile app so it uses the newest version of Ionic framework. Can you check if your SCORM still has those issues?



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