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Ideas regarding resources in MoodleNet

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Re: Ideas regarding resources in MoodleNet

Hi Luca,

Thanks for posting this here for the whole community to see! MoodleNet will essentially be pretty content-agnostic, although allowing educators to search across OER repositories. I can imagine people creating, for example, collections of Moodle plugins.

What I think you might be getting at is the previewing of Moodle-related resources within MoodleNet. For that, we're planning to use a Moodle repository, based on a Moodle instance. This will allow people to pull resources (including templates, etc.) from their Moodle course, store them in the Moodle repository, and reference them in a MoodleNet collection. 

Moodle repository

So the idea is that, eventually, users will be able to pull resources from any Moodle instance via a plugin that their sysadmin installs. In the first instance, however, this will be limited to MoodleCloud to make things easier - and so we can launch on time!