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Ideas regarding resources in MoodleNet

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Ideas regarding resources in MoodleNet

Dear MoodleNet Forum followers

We’re a couple of people sitting together at Moodle-DACH ( right now. And one track of this non-conference ( focusses on templates/presets and exchanging templates/presets.

If I understood correctly MoodleNet supports a platform to exchange (and rate, comment and submit) resources. There has been some suggestions her I’d like to share with you. Maybe you’ve already thought of all of that and it’s already designed.

Nevertheless, let me share that list with you:

  • Feedback tempates (and specify what languages they are written in)
  • Database templates (and specify *what languages* they are written in, and to allow to adapt the language)
  • User tours (and specify what languages they are written in, and to allow to adapt the language)
  • Empty templates courses (and specify what languages they are written in)
It would be great if MoodleNet could deal with all (or some) of that one day. A member of the panel here also mentioned new the new Moodle certifications courses. Some of it could of course be taught/re-used there.

What do you think about that?


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Re: Ideas regarding resources in MoodleNet

Hi Luca,

Thanks for posting this here for the whole community to see! MoodleNet will essentially be pretty content-agnostic, although allowing educators to search across OER repositories. I can imagine people creating, for example, collections of Moodle plugins.

What I think you might be getting at is the previewing of Moodle-related resources within MoodleNet. For that, we're planning to use a Moodle repository, based on a Moodle instance. This will allow people to pull resources (including templates, etc.) from their Moodle course, store them in the Moodle repository, and reference them in a MoodleNet collection. 

Moodle repository

So the idea is that, eventually, users will be able to pull resources from any Moodle instance via a plugin that their sysadmin installs. In the first instance, however, this will be limited to MoodleCloud to make things easier - and so we can launch on time!