using the gradebook

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using the gradebook

Hi all,

I am reaching out here as I have read a million 'guides' and 'how to's'  about setting up the gradebook.

I think what I am trying to achieve, is relatively simple yet I have not managed it:

I have setup a custom scale.. with two items 'Not yet competent, Competent'.

I want the LMS to simply mark someone as 'Competent' if they achieve 100% for any activity or assessments, and 'Not yet competent' for anything that is not marked as 100%.

I am very new to Moodle (and LMS' in general) and cannot for the life of me work out how to/where to 'tell' Moodle to mark things in this way.

Thanks in advance!


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Re: using the gradebook

Competency and grades are two different things. Competencies are linked to Learning Plans (and Learning Plans Templates)

Competencies must be created in a competency framework, linked to a course and then can be linked to the desired course activity.

The students competencies are displayed on a Learning Plan block, not on a Course Completion report and not in the gradebook.

If you set up the Competencies and Learning Plans the students who have not completed the training activity will be displayed without a status. The Not Yet Competent scale value is not displayed. The Competent scale will be displayed to the students.

I recommend that you review the Moodle documentation for Learning Plans and Competencies.