Integration, exposed

Integration round 2018-06-14 - Tokamak sawtooth

One poor developer...
Integration round 2018-06-14 - Tokamak sawtooth
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Cold numbers:

18 issues have been successfully integrated with 4 rejected and 2 delayed. That's 82% success, getting better.


Hot topics:

  • MDL-62270 : Cron fails with privacy tasks on renamed admin sites.
  • MDL-59980 : Unable to delete blocks on front page admin settings.
  • MDL-62446 : Orphaned records in glossary module.
  • MDL-62577 : PHPUnit rerun command to work with namespaces.
  • MDL-62651 : Adhoc tasks cli runner.
  • And lots more in areas like privacy, blocks, themes, course...

Warm thanks:

To Zig Tan, analyst developer at Moodle HQ. A really short name for a great guy! Many thanks for all your hard work with us over the last months and very best wishes for the new challenges you're about to start!

If you work hard and you work

for somebody who empowers you

and challenges you,

you'll be successful.

-- Hope Hicks

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