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Code Page appears when enrol button is clicked

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Re: Code Page appears when enrol button is clicked
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Maybe your IT staff did turn on debugging so they could investigate errors.

Before sharing back here, ask your IT if what is shown should be obscured.

Right now, you've not provided much information other than it's broke.

The 'code' you see ... does it look like (not exactly ... this is an example of debug output):

* line 93 of /cache/locallib.php: call to debugging()
* line 578 of /cache/locallib.php: call to cache_config_writer->config_save()
* line 505 of /cache/locallib.php: call to cache_config_writer->write_definitions_to_cache()
* line 603 of /cache/classes/helper.php: call to cache_config_writer::update_definitions()
* line 1810 of /lib/upgradelib.php: call to cache_helper::update_definitions()
* line 175 of /admin/cli/upgrade.php: call to upgrade_core()

That gives folks over here something to go on then! ;)

'spirit of sharing', Ken

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