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Re: Restrict Access not functioning properly
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Maybe your scorm isn't doing the same stuff as your old scorm?  What do you use (Lectora, Captivate, iSpring, Ariculate, etc) for your scorm?  Do you know what scorm data is getting passed through (other than lesson status)?  With Lectora the lesson status needs to be complete, not passed. 

What are your scorm settings in Moodle?  Do you have passed checked or completed?  Are you requiring a grade (With Lectora, I always overrode the grade at the last slide for modules without internal grading.  With Captivate, you can't do that [easily], so you go with number of slides viewed or something like, with iSpring, maybe all slides viewed) and does your package include a grade?

Where does it say the scorm is complete?  Is activity completion turned on?  Activities will show a passed/completed green check in the reports but if activity completion isn't turned on, it won't actually report completion.  And the default activity completion when you create a scorm in Moodle is students can check complete vs. complete when condition is met--so the report might show complete but if the student doesn't check the box, it won't complete (I strongly recommend requiring completion on condition, not student can mark complete)--solid check box vs dotted check box.

Or maybe your assessment restrictions aren't exactly the same (I'm guessing this is a Quiz) on the new one?

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