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Moodle Coding style

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Re: Moodle Coding style
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Hi Fabienne,

When I took over support for a couple of plugins, I was in the same boat with thousands of code style and documentation errors. I automated fixing as much of it as I could by using the replace capability of Notepad++. When I could create a very definitive search, I turned it loose with auto replace. If I could not be absolutely definitive as to what to search for, I  let it find the next and if needed, then hit the replace button and repaired them one at a time.

I also resigned myself to the fact that it was going to take a while, no matter what, so I worked an hour or two each day until I was mostly finished about a week later.

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Re: Moodle Coding style


... thank you all!

the comment conventions are no longer a prob.

It is way more harder to remove all the naming probs, like

e.g. eliminating the underscores in variable names or Capitals

in class names. 

Is there really no XML-template for that in order to let PHP Storm do that ?

Thanks  and have a nice weekend...



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