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Moodle mobile app crashes with mp3

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Moodle mobile app crashes with mp3
Hi all,

Have scoured everywhere I can think of to find something that might help here, but I have quizzes that have mp3s that consistently crash the mobile app. I have an iPhone 8 and V 3.4.2 of the app.

If I remove the mp3, everything works. I have tried:

- uploading the mp3 to the site and embedding
- linking to the file in an external folder
- raising the max file size to 64MB
- using a very small mp3 for testing (433kb)
- setting up a Moodle cloud account with just that one quiz (
- reviewing the .crash logs from my iPhone
- using on Chrome on my laptop (which works fine)

Other points:
- I have 27 GB free on my phone
- lessons without audio and video seem to work just fine
- I can play files on my phone from

I am also getting similar issues with some of the videos embedded in lessons. The 'fun' addition is that it does not crash at it exactly the same point each time - some times I get to the see the quiz, sometimes it crashes immediately on clicking the 'Start test' button, sometimes I can even get the audio to start spinning. On particularly heartless attempts, it will even begin to play the audio.

Don't know if anyone has any other ideas? If anyone has any spare time and inclination, you can login to with the username and password tester

Thanks all smile

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