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core_user_create_users custom fields not being set

core_user_create_users custom fields not being set

I am able to create a user using this string.


My custom fields are not being set!!  Anyone see anything wrong with those last two parameters.

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Re: core_user_create_users custom fields not being set
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Which moodle version are you using. It works for me with latest 3.5 moodle

Looking in the code there is support for custom fields in the web-service:


// Custom fields.
if (!empty($user['customfields'])) {
foreach ($user['customfields'] as $customfield) {
// Profile_save_data() saves profile file it's expecting a user with the correct id,
// and custom field to be named profile_field_"shortname".
$user["profile_field_".$customfield['type']] = $customfield['value'];
profile_save_data((object) $user);


Just check that you have the correct syntax there. Please find attached a screen-shot with a postman request.

Any other questions let us know.


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