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Integration round 2018-06-07 - Paul's Synthetism

One poor developer...
Integration round 2018-06-07 - Paul's Synthetism
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Cold numbers:

19 issues have been successfully integrated with 6 rejected and 1 delayed. That's 76% success, lower than usual, but somehow expected when the majority of them are new features, freed after the release of Moodle 3.5


  • After 3.5 and its on-sync period, we are back to normal weekly cycles, with today's one being the very first.
  • Our primary goal was to process all the new features and improvements that were put on hold the previous weeks and, pretty much, it has been achieved, yay! Still, there was a hand of issues that were rejected to get some aspects reviewed, but sure they will find their way soon.
  • The main goals and projects for next Moodle 3.6 release are being defined and decided these weeks. Soon, the roadmap will be updated accordingly.
  • Time for opining / voting @ MDL-60901 (3.6 requirements) is over. In few hours we'll summarize them and start implementing the needed bits. Expect full final details in a week from now.
  • Next minor/security releases are planned for the 9th of July, barely 4 weeks for them.
  • There is a good number (73) of issues awaiting peer-review. Any help there is really welcome!

Hot topics:

  • MDL-17943 : Resend confirmation email on login / forgotten password if needed.
  • MDL-61702 : MariaDB >= 10.3.1 compatibility.
  • MDL-61670 : Display timestamp of assignment uploaded files.
  • MDL-62273 : New callback to control profile access.
  • MDL-62225 : Keyboard shortcuts for pdf annotation buttons.
  • And lots more in areas like themes, authentication, administration, install...

Warm thanks:

  • To Paul Greidanus, Devops at Moodle HQ, coz today was Gauguin's birthday, and both share not only the name but also the exquisite proceeding within their specialities. Pure art!

It is well to remember that a picture before being a battle horse, a nude woman, or some anecdote, is essentially a flat surface covered with colours assembled in a certain order.

-- Maurice Denis

Edited: to fix some MDL codes that were incorrect.

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