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Unfortunately there is no standard for how data is stored in suspend_data - its just a field available for content packages to store anything they want.

You might be able to work out how to turn that into something useful by searching for suspend_data in the storyline JS in your scorm package or you could try asking/searching the articulate forums - let us know if you figure something out!

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Re: Percentage based on slides viewed


We were able to finally accomplish this by combining a few things we found along the way. However, the solution we found might only be applicable to Storyline and Moodle, meaning, as you pointed out, that most probably other authoring tools send the suspend_data in a different format.

1. we found a "decoder" of sorts - check it here:

that returns an array
2. we extracted the data from the meta.xml file in the scorm package (2004 4th edition)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><meta xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd=""><project id="xxxxxxxxxx" courseid="xxxxxxxxxxx" thumburl="story_content/thumbnail.jpg" title="xxxxxxx" datepublished="2018-08-23T16:20:14" version="" flashdata="story_content/data.swf" html5data="mobile/data.json" mobiledata="mobile/data.gz" enabledownload="false" duration="xxxxxxxx" totalaudio="3397649" totalvideo="0"><description /><keywords /><slidemeta moniker="diapositive" monikerplural="diapositives" viewslides="51" slidecountdescription="51 diapositives" /><author name="xxxxxxx" email="" website="" /><application name="Articulate Storyline" version="3.18.16449.0" xmlversion="4.0" /></project></meta>

There's this property

3. Compare the two and voila....ish

it's not exactly perfect but it got the job done.

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