Percentage based on slides viewed

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Percentage based on slides viewed

Hi can anyone please let me know how can i show percentage of course viewed in moodle with scrome uploaded file. my concern is i have 50 slides in my scrom file if user clicks 20 or 25 slides then it has to show 50% course is completed for user. and if he agian logged in for same course it has to show from 25 slide i mean resume the course in scrom for moodle.

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Re: Percentage based on slides viewed
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Hi Naseema, 

Please only post a question once, and if you are asking a "new" question, please create a new discussion rather than asking a question on an existing thread. (I deleted your other posts and split this one into a new discussion.)

Moodle mainly supports SCORM 1.2 which isn't really designed to report on a percentage of progress - just a final grade on completion of the activity. SCORM 2004 does have a "progress_measure" value that is designed to do this, but Moodle doesn't support SCORM 2004 (and doesn't provide reporting on that value) and AFAIK some of the popular SCORM authoring tools don't write anything to that SCORM 2004 value anyway.

This is all controlled using your SCORM authoring tool anyway - there's nothing we can really do about this in Moodle.

If you need to report on exactly where users have got to with incomplete learning packages you might need to look at something other than SCORM - maybe using the Moodle Lesson module with a custom report might work?

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