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Course Overview Survey Results & User Interviews

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Course Overview Survey Results & User Interviews

First of all, a big thank you to those who volunteered to participate in the Course Overview survey we posted on 2 March 2018. Your feedback is incredibly helpful to guide our user research into how to improve the user experience in Moodle. We’d now like to share the results of the survey.

Survey Summary

The survey was launched on 2 Mar 2018 and closed on 31 May 2018. The survey was posted in the Announcements and Usability forums and shared on the Moodle HQ social channels.

The survey was conducted in English. 100 people (7%) completed the survey out of a total of 1,375 participants, and 1,275 participants abandoned the survey before finishing.

A few highlights from the survey results:

  • 64% are from the University or college sector.

  • 64% describe their primary role as Manager or Administrator.

  • 75% are currently using the new Course Overview block.

  • 56% are currently using the new Timeline feature in the new Course Overview block.

When participants were asked how satisfied they are overall with the new Course Overview block:

  • 8% responded as very satisfied.

  • 29% responded as satisfied.

  • 39% responded as neither satisfied nor dissatisfied.

  • 16% responded as dissatisfied.

  • 8% responded as very dissatisfied.

  • 2% unanswered.

A few quotes from participant comments:

”The block is massive step forwards for a student. Not so handy for a teacher..”

“The course overview block isn’t very intuitive for our students.”

“…the block is designed on an assumption that all institutions/organisations use Moodle in the same way.”

Download the Course Overview Block survey results:

User Interviews

In addition to completing the survey questions, we invited volunteers to sign up for 30-45 minute video-conferencing sessions with a Moodle HQ researcher. The purpose of the sessions was to observe and listen to feedback from participants while they interact with the Course Overview block in their own Moodle environments.

We were able to derive three education sector “Personas” from our interviews:

  1. Teacher with intermediate Moodle expertise

  2. Teacher with advanced Moodle expertise

  3. Administrator with advanced Moodle expertise.

Names and personally identifiable information has been replaced in order to maintain participant anonymity.

“Since I’m not using the Dashboard, I don’t know the possibilities ”

“I like to land on the Course Overview… but It’s lacking in my opinion…”

“ A default of 6 courses in the course overview block is way too low for our students”

Wondering What’s Next?

  • Do you have a unique Persona that wasn’t represented in our research that you’d like to share?

  • Do you or your organisation have unique use cases for Course Overview that are not represented in our findings?

  • Can you give voice to your students and learners in your organisation?

Continue the discussion and contribute further by taking part in our first Open Design challenge for Course Overview commencing soon.

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Thanks again to those who participated. Lets us know your thoughts and feedback below.