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Request for feedback: Change to upgrade.php CLI script

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Request for feedback: Change to upgrade.php CLI script
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Hi All,

Currently, running admin/cli/upgrade.php when no upgrade is required will exit with status 0 (since this is considered a success), but then it outputs a message to stderr.  This makes it difficult to differentiate between this case and genuine error conditions (e.g. if Moodle cannot connect to the database, it will also exit with status 0 and output to stderr).

I don't think this was done intentionally, the cli_error() function was probably used to as it conveniently exits the script for you with a given exit code, outputting the message to stderr was probably a side effect.

Before I offer a fix for this that sends the message to stdout instead, is anyone using this script in a way that changing this will cause big problems?

I have filed this on the tracker: MDL-62644

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