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Adding an adaptive functionality to Questionnaire/Quiz

Re: Adding an adaptive functionality to Questionnaire/Quiz
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Use the built-in conditional access functionality in Moodle.

  • Set up the quiz.
  • Add the activities to the course, with the activities for different grade ranges in different sections.
  • Edit each section and click 'Add restriction', to add a 'grade' restriction on that section, so the activities there only show to users who got grades in a particular range in the quiz.

Note, you can add restrictions to each activity, rather than a section, but if there are several activities required based on a quiz result, then restricting access to the entire section is probably more appropriate.

Obviously, this doesn't handle fine-grained restrictions, per question, but that could be handled by either a) having multiple quizzes, with each one handling access to a different set of activities, or b) developing a custom access restriction that grants access based on a specific question (rather than an entire quiz grade).

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