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Adding an adaptive functionality to Questionnaire/Quiz

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Adding an adaptive functionality to Questionnaire/Quiz

Here's what I want:

Student answers questions in a quiz or questionnaire.

If student gets answer wrong, a list of modules from the course comes up for the student to complete.

The goal is to create a truly personalized learning experience wherein the user's responses will dictate the content they are required to complete, rather than just a list of modules or courses the teacher thinks is appropriate.

Love to hear from anyone who has achieved this in Moodle or how you would achieve it for me for hire.

Thanks so much!

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Re: Adding an adaptive functionality to Questionnaire/Quiz
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Use the built-in conditional access functionality in Moodle.

  • Set up the quiz.
  • Add the activities to the course, with the activities for different grade ranges in different sections.
  • Edit each section and click 'Add restriction', to add a 'grade' restriction on that section, so the activities there only show to users who got grades in a particular range in the quiz.

Note, you can add restrictions to each activity, rather than a section, but if there are several activities required based on a quiz result, then restricting access to the entire section is probably more appropriate.

Obviously, this doesn't handle fine-grained restrictions, per question, but that could be handled by either a) having multiple quizzes, with each one handling access to a different set of activities, or b) developing a custom access restriction that grants access based on a specific question (rather than an entire quiz grade).

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