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Lockdown App for Chromebooks and Moodle

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S Moodle,

Price, ease of use, and control.  

We can deploy the app in 5 minutes to the over 11,000 chromebooks.  It's dead simple for a teacher.  Just click on require iLearn secure browser when setting up quiz settings in Moodle.  The quiz is now locked down and when a student tries to access it in a normal browser it will return them to the course homepage with an alert that they must be in the iLearn App to take the test.  

We operate on a philosophy that you are either investing in yourself or you are investing in someone else.  In this case we could pay - and have done so - in other software solutions and have done so for lab management software.  A K-12 district like ours is very large and it gets costly for software priced on per-seat structures.  For most things that we want long term we try to invest in ourselves first.  If it cannot be done then we look to commercial solutions.  

Plus, this app does much more than just lockdown the browser.  There are things like once a student opens a quiz they can no longer go back to any other module or place in Moodle.  They must complete the quiz and turn off the chromebook.  It blocks pop-ups.  It does a lot and is dead simple to setup and deploy amongst 32 buildings and on over 11,000 devices to be used by over 20,000 students.  

I have no idea what any of the commercial products costs but this is done for free and we had it all deployed in about 15 minutes to every device.  Set and ready to go for the fall with teachers.

We'll also have 3 levels of security once it is all said and done.  But that might not come until later this summer.  This is phase one.  

Hope that explains our philosophy in doing this. 
Plus, we share out our brand of customized Moodle with all school districts in Wayne County, Michigan.  Hosted at Wayne RESA (Intermediate School District) for every teacher and student in Southeast Michigan.  We want to provide an awesome user experience and we have a format that is being replicated to provide teachers and students with a great learning tool.

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