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MoodleNet design sprint: prototype overview

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Re: MoodleNet design sprint: prototype overview

Hi Mark, this is great feedback - thanks! I'd love to know what others think, too.

Just to respond to each of your points in turn...

1. Browser widget - yes, this is something we've discussed. To do it cross-platform and cross-browser for the MVP would probably look something like's JavaScript bookmarklet. Longer-term, that's potentially problematic as websites are blocking various JS implementations for security reasons.

2. Target demographic - well, we came up with 'Jeremy' and another user persona for the design sprint. Also, while I need to update the draft white paper, the personas in there are pretty solid. Basically, it's Moodle-using educators first and foremost, and educators more generally after that. The design sprint focused on secondary school History teachers because that's what I know best (I used to be one!) We may need slightly different flavours post-MVP. We'll see.

3. MoodleNet name - again, we've discussed this and I'm all for doing some user testing around the name. Given our first users are likely to be Moodle-using educators, that's less likely to be a problem in the short term.