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MoodleNet design sprint: prototype overview

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MoodleNet design sprint: prototype overview

Hi everyone, you may be interested in what we got up to during the MoodleNet design sprint this week!

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Re: MoodleNet design sprint: prototype overview

Everything looks good. How do I create a filter so that I only see Creative Commons licensed full courses?

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Re: MoodleNet design sprint: prototype overview

More advanced things will be post-MVP. But that's a useful suggestion, thanks!

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Re: MoodleNet design sprint: prototype overview

Hi Doug,

Thanks for posting a walk through of the protoype - great to see the idea looking more tangible.

Here are some rambling thought and queries that come to my mind:

It strikes me that having a companion a browser widget (perhaps stumbleup esq?) could be realIy neat. I could see a user flow where you get to a resource (eg. youtube video) and then see in the browser how it's rated amongst your peers as a learning resource and then add it from there into your moodle.

Is there a particular target demographic for the platform? as I could see that the features that would be really useful to a secondary teacher (perhaps mapping to a particular syllabus etc...) and university academic might be different.

Finally has it been decided to call the this new service 'moodlenet'? the name works well for those who know moodle and the moodle project but to others outside of this circle (perhaps the regular teacher / academic) it's not likely to mean anything which in turn could limit it's reach. Perhaps somthing along the lines of '<product name> by moodle'. Might help in signposting it's relivence to a wider audence.

Keen to see this develop.

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Re: MoodleNet design sprint: prototype overview

Hi Mark, this is great feedback - thanks! I'd love to know what others think, too.

Just to respond to each of your points in turn...

1. Browser widget - yes, this is something we've discussed. To do it cross-platform and cross-browser for the MVP would probably look something like's JavaScript bookmarklet. Longer-term, that's potentially problematic as websites are blocking various JS implementations for security reasons.

2. Target demographic - well, we came up with 'Jeremy' and another user persona for the design sprint. Also, while I need to update the draft white paper, the personas in there are pretty solid. Basically, it's Moodle-using educators first and foremost, and educators more generally after that. The design sprint focused on secondary school History teachers because that's what I know best (I used to be one!) We may need slightly different flavours post-MVP. We'll see.

3. MoodleNet name - again, we've discussed this and I'm all for doing some user testing around the name. Given our first users are likely to be Moodle-using educators, that's less likely to be a problem in the short term.