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Integration round 2018-05-24 - Calm after the storm

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Integration round 2018-05-24 - Calm after the storm
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Cold numbers:

14 issues have been successfully integrated, 3 rejected and 0 delayed - 78.57% success.


  • Time to decide 3.6.0 requirements: MDL-60901
  • Now we are on-sync. As always we have a new branch for 35, MOODLE_35_STABLE. Even if 35 already diverged from master we keep their codebases really similar.
  • We bumped the required NodeJS version to lts/carbon which is v8.11.2 right now. You so you may need to upgrade your development NodeJS. If you use the same development environment for developing different applications you may be interested in using nvm
  • Moodle 3.5.0 was released last week. A lot of effort was put into GDPR and other new projects so the list of issues waiting for peer review has grown a bit. Thanks for you patience.

Hot topics:

MDL-61893 Time to bump Node.js "Carbon" version again

MDL-61189 Calendar event descriptions not saving if using TinyMCE

MDL-62516 Request to delete forum data for a user will delete files of all users

MDL-62440 Participants page use of get_users_roles exhausts memory with many site-wide role assignments

Warm thanks:

To Bas Brands, a living legend, for updating boost theme to a stable Bootstrap release. More challenges ahead, keep up the good work.

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