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Log Out both Passowrd and Username in moodle App

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Log Out both Passowrd and Username in moodle App

I use several tablets for my students, and recently found that the app has better functionality, however, because they are used by multiple students, I must have them delete the site from the sites list every time and start from scratch.

I activated Force Log out, Which Changes the "Change site" to "Log Out" ,  The Problem is Tablets are used by different students for different Courses hence the need for every student to Log in with his credentials after log Out. is there a Fix to this without Deleting the Site Address, Its difficult for students remembering the site address 

How easy would this be?  I am OK with small coding jobs, but unfamiliar with the moodle structure.

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Re: Log Out both Passowrd and Username in moodle App
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Hi Victor,

why isn't "Force Log out" a good solution for you? You don't want other students to be able to see who used the device?

It shouldn't be hard to change the app's code to delete the site automatically on logout, but the result would be the same as deleting it manually: the user would have to enter the site address too. 

If you don't want them to enter the site address every time, the only solution is to have a custom app for your institution, that way the users will only be able to connect to your site and the URL would be fixed.

We provide a service where we can customise the app for anyone who needs it including the Push notifications (Airnotifier) service management. This service helps fund the improvement of the app in general:

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