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Atto dropdowns not working

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Re: Atto dropdowns not working

Hi Carlos,
When making the changes in the menu.css file, the submenu to choose the languages ​​of the moodle platform in the adaptable theme, is by default active, and does not close when clicked.

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Re: Atto dropdowns not working
I had the same problem with the language submenu, and I have decided to disable it in /admin/settings.php?section=langsettings because I prefer the funcionality of Atto dropdowns


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My Hero
Re: Atto dropdowns not working
Plugin developers

I am using adaptable which I downloaded less than a week ago while upgrading to 3.5 and I am now experiencing this issue.  Atto drop-downs work in clean but not adaptable. 

After inspecting each of the files mentioned in https://bitbucket.org/covuni/moodle-theme_adaptable/issues/909/atto-drop-down-menu it looks as though my files have all the latest changes however the Atto dropdowns still do not work.

The language submenu was already disabled, so that isn't the issue.

Any thoughts?

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