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Problem with Quiz activity

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Problem with Quiz activity

Good afternoon,

We have a problem with quiz, whem someone with role student try to make a quiz the web complete the quiz but whem press the button finish and send the plataform keep charging and send the informatión but didn't show the student the next display, with results of the quiz. First we have the version 3.0 so I think maybe if we install the next version this problem solve, so we change to 3.4.3 and the problem continue, I try find in the code but didn't see any thing wrong. So please any other idea where can be there my problem?

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Re: Problem with Quiz activity
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To debug this problem, you need to find out what is happening when the web browser is sitting there spinning:

  • What is the web server doing? (CPU, memory use, etc.)
  • What is the database server doing? (CPU, memory use, etc.)
  • Is there anything in any logs that is suspicious? (PHP logs, web server logs, database logs)
  • Anything in the web browser developer tools? (JavaScript console, Network traffic info)
  • ...

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