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Help with updating PHP on our Moodle v2.97

Help with updating PHP on our Moodle v2.97


We want to upgrade our Moodle to the latest version maybe not 3.5 but defiantly 3.4..

We are currently running v2.97 with PHP/5.5.9-1ubuntu4.23 and Mysql 5.5

The web servers are running Ubuntu LTS which i know is end of life and the Mysql is on a Windows Server with all the Moodle system and data files.

So we have had a look at the requirements and we can upgrade to Moodle v3.1.12 with no problems as this needs Php 5.4.4 

Moodle v3.3.6 needs Php 5.6.5 which means we would have to upgrade our PHP which we want to do anyway... We want to move to the latest Php but we want to do it in stages...

We have tried upgrading upgrading the Php to higher version like Php 5.6 but it does not work very well

Has anybody done this before? and do they have any advice on how to do this...

Thanks Mark


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