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Custom App

Hi partners,

I just got into the world of Moodle because I have been asked to customize the APP.

I followed the tutorial but I can't see the page in the App, only a white screen.

I've changed:

In /config.xml:

  • name
  • description

In www/config.json:

  • app_id (the same that
  • appname
  • desktopappname
  • versionname
  • siteurl
  • borrar demo_sites
  • In languages only spanish

I compile with PhoneGap, install the apk in smartphone, appear the splash and below white screen.

If I add in config.xml this <content src="[URL]"/>, after the splash a responsive version of the web is shown.

In the moodle configuration, in App Banners section I've modified "Android app's unique identifier" value by the y app_id.

If I install Moodle Mobile oficial app and entering the url, it is displayed correctly.

Versión 2023

What am I doing wrong?


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Re: Custom App
Were you able to figure it out? If yes, please let me know.
I'm exactly at the same point.

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