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Let's encrypt and https

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Re: Let's encrypt and https
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You might check that you don't have an https option in siteground that needs turned on too - I would talk to their tech support as a timeout sounds like more of a server issue than a moodle issue.

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Re: Let's encrypt and https
I've contacted then and their response is that somewhere in my files I have a HTTP. Really weird, not working anything at all.

Not sure if this is important, but this Moodle site is a subdomain of my "main website", but this subdomain has his own hosting plan totally independent from the main one. Has this subdomain something to do with it?

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Re: Let's encrypt and https
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You might review documentation for LetsEncrypt.

They have this:

a little tool for getting directions specific to how you are running your server.  Link above has this atop the page:

"Trying to get a wildcard certificate? Please use the dropdown menus below to get instructions specific to your system, and read those instructions carefully."

When you say 'subdomain' ... you have a web site @ www.yourdomain.tld and the moodle is something like moodle.yourdomain.tld ... is that correct?

I would think, you would want a 'wildcard' cert that would cover/be good for www. site as well as moodle. site.

Don't use LetsEncrypt so the above is really some 'leg work' for ya ... I hope!

'spirit of sharing', Ken

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Re: Let's encrypt and https


The root directory contained an ‘.htaccess’ file with the following lines:

RewriteEngine On

RewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} 443

RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R=301,L]

This was causing a redirect loop when attempting access via https instead of http. Solution was to delete this file.

Thanks all for the support.

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