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अलाबामा से हैलो।

I maintain the MooTyper plugin, and when developing different language keyboard layouts, I find myself needing to type in each of the languages alphabets, and this is how I do it.

Go to the windows control panel and click on, Language. On the, Change your language preferences, page click the, Add language, tab. Scroll down and find, Hindi, or any other language you want to add, and click the, Add, button. (I currently have 18 and usable in just two clicks.) After a couple of minutes, the new addition will be installed and available for use.

If you did not have it before, there will now be a new, Keyboard input method menu, at the bottom right corner of your monitor. Now, anyplace in Moodle that you can type, using any editor, Atto, TinyMCE, OR Plain Text Area, just select the lanugage from the list and start typing.

The down side to this is each student needs to do this on their own computer, but it is something they should know how to do anyway. The up side is that it works with whichever text editor they want to use.

Don't know about iOS, but you can do the SAME thing in Linux, with a very similar set of steps.

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moi!!! it is what is is...
Re: Hindi Font in Editor
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Thanks Al, what an excellent solution....from his original post, this is exactly what Aditya is looking for I think. Cheers. 

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