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Suppressing invalid session ID dialogue

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Suppressing invalid session ID dialogue

This may be a stupid question, but bear with me!

I'm trying to create some static pages, that retain the format of the homepage (I'm using the roshnilite theme). I've tried using the static_pages plugin but it doesn't format the pages the way I want, I'm after a more-website-less-moodle feel outside of the logged in area.

This is where my knowledge falls short. To copy the site home page I simply copied the source code from the site home, and I've chopped the content out I don't want, and included the content I do. No problems there. However, the copied code came with a session ID already in it, so every time I load one of the static pages, I get a session ID error. Everything works as it should, but I have to close 4 dialogues.

Is there a way to suppress the session ID error/ insert the correct session ID on these pages, or a better way of doing this altogether?

Help appreciated!

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