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MoodleNet pre-design sprint survey

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MoodleNet pre-design sprint survey

MoodleNet survey

We're running a MoodleNet design sprint in a couple of weeks' time.

Could you help us out by filling in this short survey? Amazon gift vouchers and other prizes to be won!

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Re: MoodleNet pre-design sprint survey
Thank you to all 175 people who participated in this survey! We thought people might be interested in some of the results, so we're sharing them below. We've omitted anything that involves personally-identifying information.

Note: winners of the Amazon vouchers and credit for the Moodle online store will be notified in the next 10 days directly by email!
Chart showing responses to Q1: Where are you when you look for resources?

Question 2 asked what about the educator's state of mind when looking for resources. Responses included:
  • "Sometimes or most often times rushed and in a hurry to quickly find something to post."
  • "Curious. Driven. Often overwhelmed, sometimes frustrated, by extensive resources which aren't quite right."
  • "They never quite fit my style of teaching, that's why I always feel that I need to adapt them or provide additional material. Therefor I usually look/hope for a CC-BY-(SA) logo somewhere."

Chart showing responses to Q3: If you needed a specific resource, how quickly could you find it?

Chart showing responses to Q4: Which of these do you use when looking for resources?

Chart showing responses to Q5: How do you store resources?

Chart showing responses to Q6: Which social networks do you use professionally?

Question 7 asked what kind of things educators use professional social networks for. Some of the responses included:
  • "Staying in contact with associates, present and past. Also, maintaining relationships with experts in the field."
  • "I tweet when involved in a conference, and publish links to the papers or workshops that I've given or participated in."
  • "Network to find contacts and ideas. Keep up on trends. PD opportunities."

Question 8 gave educators a magic wand and asked what they would like MoodleNet to be able to do. Responses included:
  • "It needs to be more than just an area to share content/insights. Having a community around it that might meetup in real life to support and encourage the community to share."
  • "Leave the service very simple, if you are creating a course, that is on the homepage. Easy navigation and quick access."
  • "It would be a combination of Google, Pinterest, Facebook, Slack and Twitter. An interconnected mesh of everything education related. A place where educators could laugh together, support and inspire each other. An instant search for resources from all platforms. A place to save stuff you find. A way to discuss stuff you find...a place for institutions to share their stuff with just their staff...great organization of stuff that is shared, tagging, categories, collections etc..super fast search where results include resources, people, courses, paid support options, help, etc. etc. Social media options include chat rooms/channels, person to person, group to group...collection based, organization based, topic based etc.."

Finally, we asked if there were any other comments. There were many, including:
  • "I don't shop at Amazon."
  • "I look forward to MoodleNet and believe that if it is anything like the rest of the Moodle community and product that it will be an excellent tool for people and can't wait to be a part of it."
  • "Thanks for your efforts, I hope survey results will help deciding the MoodleNet design and interaction of users."