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Call back for saving settings.php?

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Call back for saving settings.php?

I need to have a call back or a hook for some code to execute after the admin settings of my block are saved.  (Not while they are being looked at).   

I thought I found the block code "config_save(...)" but overriding that doesn't work.   Again, I don't even  need to change the way the admin settings are saved, I just need a hook to set the chron jobs?   

I am not using "instances" as the plugin I am working with (learning with) would be used for the Moodle site in general and not individual classes.

Any help would be great.


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Re: Call back for saving settings.php?
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One way you can do this is to use the set_updatedcallback function. This snippet is from the Generico filter, where it is used to bump an in internal version number.

//template body script
$setting = new admin_setting_configtextarea('filter_generico/templatescript_' . $tindex,
get_string('templatescript', 'filter_generico',$tindex),
get_string('templatescript_desc', 'filter_generico'),

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Re: Call back for saving settings.php?
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Every setting item has a method for setting a hook call whenever an update is executed. For example:

    $item = new admin_setting_configempty(
        new lang_string('mysetting', 'local_fooplug'),
        new lang_string('mysetting_desc', 'local_fooplug')

    $item->set_updatedcallback(function () {
        // Place here whatever you need.

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Re: Call back for saving settings.php?

Thank you both!

I am not capturing the admin_setting object as a variable, I am merely pushing it immediately onto the ... std_object (I am guessing).   I didn't even realize it returned an object.  But that actually makes a lot f sense.  

Thanks again, you guys saved me hours and a really corny work-around.



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