Moodle has 100,000 registered sites: how do you use yours?

Mary Cooch
Moodle has 100,000 registered sites: how do you use yours?
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It's official! According to our Moodle.com blog post, Moodle has now grown to reach 100,000 registered sites. In fact, that number keeps growing as you can see from https://moodle.net/stats/ smile

To help celebrate this milestone, we'd love to hear from those of you with registered sites about how you use your site. Are you, like my daughter, an individual teacher with a MoodleCloud site for your own classes, are you part of a large university with thousands of students -or are you somewhere in between? Are you using Moodle in a novel, unique way? Or is it part of your daily routine? Let us know here. Feel free to post a video instead of text if you'd prefer.

(And if you haven't done so yet - please register your site, so you can receive important updates and we can aim for another milestone!)

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Re: Moodle has 100,000 registered sites: how do you use yours?

Pretty much the usual for 720 Australian secondary students and their teachers who are hopefully newly inspired by the beautiful Fordson theme.

Newest thing for us is good integration between the Safe Exam Browser and its complementary plugin for the Quiz activity.

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Re: Moodle has 100,000 registered sites: how do you use yours?

In Fundação Cultural Pedro Leopoldo, we use 3 Moodle installations, they are:

1 - AVA Virtual Learning Environment
For all our inner students.

2 - NEAD Distance Learning Center
To offer paid courses.

3 - FPL Events
To offer all FPL events, then we use Moodle so that they can enroll in the event activities and generate certificates. It Works very well!
We believe that you should use Moodle for our own events is a new way. And that works very very well!

We are very happy with Moodle. We thank all the communities that develop and support Moodle. We even made a small investment to train our employees with the MCCC course.




1-ava 2-eventos 3-nead

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Matt Bury
Re: Moodle has 100,000 registered sites: how do you use yours?
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Thanks Mary and congratulations Moodle!

A good example that I can think of is a client for whom I've set up Moodle VPS instances for the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODHIR), which sends election observation missions to around half the world's elections and the Council of Europe (CoE) which they both use for free, open, online introductory courses for election observers.

They both accept email self-registration and self-enrollment on their courses.

OSCE/ODIHR: https://www.odihrobserver.org/

About ODIHR: https://www.osce.org/odihr

CoE: https://elections-elearning.org/

And Mary, aren't you studying Russian? Why not take the ODIHR's election observer course in Russian? It's a series of multimedia presentations (Presentation module) with tests (Quiz module). Good practice if your Russian is advanced enough smile Unfortunately, you can only get an ODIHR certificate for taking the English language version of the course.


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Re: Moodle has 100,000 registered sites: how do you use yours?

Moodle is now so much a part of my teaching I sometimes forget I'm using it. This post was a reminder! Wow, what an amazing tool I use and Wow, thank you to all those that make it so fantabulous. I run the International Virtual Exchange Project where teachers and their students from numerous countries who are studying English as a Foreign Language can use the language they are studying to interact with each other - wonderful for students in remote areas that have little chance of using the language locally. 10,000 students in the last 2 years and counting. Moodle has helped out a lot there. In my day to day classes I also use Moodle, and Gordon Bateson and I have just used it (the workshop module and Gordon's amazing block) to organize vetting and other organizational matters for the GLoCALL conference. There are lots of other things I use it for too - so thank you Moodle!

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