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What are optimal AWS EC2 requirements for Moodle

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Re: What are optimal AWS EC2 requirements for Moodle

Hi Alek,
To be more accurate is GlusterFS + Local File Cache + ECS with AutoScaling. All architecture in AWS.
2.41s is the slowest page load time ok, faster pages load around 1s or less.
EFS (I am AWS partner) only begins to perform with stores from 1TB, for a series of technical parameters of this service. Gluster, Freenas, or SoftNas, for example, installed in an EC2 instance has fewer technical limitations compared to EFS for small arrays. Of course it is possible to use EFS with little data stored, but for this moodle case, it does not seem to be good.

It was good to share information with everyone.
If you get good results with EFS, please tell us, if I got performance with EFS I would also use it.


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