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E-mails not always using SMTP settings

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E-mails not always using SMTP settings

Hi all,

I'm using Moodle on an AWS installation. I'm using SES to send out e-mails and thought that by changing the SMTP settings inside of Moodle would ensure all e-mails go through the relay. That isn't the case though. It seems like the 'forgot your username' password is not going through the relay, while others are.

In addition, I've used mail_to_user in my custom local module but this command also by-passes the SMTP setting.

  1. What am I missing?
  2. Is there a better Moodle command to send out e-mails that will honour the SMTP?

I'm going to attempt to configure my EC2 instances to use the SMTP relay, but I'm using Elastic Beanstalk for configuration so it makes that harder. Hoping someone can shed some light.

Using Moodle 3.3

Thank you so much,


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